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A sample dozen:

Must all students now pass the Nick Clegg test?
The government wants more poor youngsters to go to university, but it's a mistake to force universities to admit poorer students on lower grades.
The Daily Telegraph 9 February 2011

The Spirit Level is bad social science
The Guardian was appalled when Chrstopher Snowdon and I dared to criticise The Spirit Level. In this response, we summarise what's wrong with the book.
The Guardian 26 August 2010

Busting the myth of our rigid classes
Published in the 'think tank' column, this essay summarises the evidence in my book, Social Mobility Myths, to show that Britain is a remarkably open society.
The Sunday Times 6 June 2010

Price of money for nothing
Karen Matthews has 7 children by 6 different fathers and has lived on welfare all her life. The kids were all neglected and her latest partner was convicted of child pornography. Welcome to broken Britain, where the middle classes rarely venture.
The Australian
13 December 2008

Would you be happy asking friends for $512.66 every week?
Welfare recipients are not required to accept a job if it pays little more than they get on benefits. But if they were relying on friends and family, they would never dream of turning down employment because it gives them no more money than their kith and kin are giving them.
The Australian 19 March 2008

DVD on sexual manners shows society is in trouble
Australia's football administrators have commissioned a DVD to teach players sexual etiquette. But is our problem really that people do not know how to behave, or simply that we prefer to ignore the rules?
The West Australian, 29 February 2008

Elitism should not be a dirty word
In an egalitarian age, the 19th century ideal of self-improvement has collapsed. We settle for mediocrity, scorn success and are fearful of making judgements. Expectations have been lowered, and many of us never fulfull our potential. John Stuart Mill is spinning in his grave.
The Australian
13 August 2007

Sit in the corner while we rob you
The federal government spent $138 million on advertising campaigns last year designed to stop people smoking, drinking, eating junk food, etc. So it took our money to nag us about how we should change the way we behave. I am your government, and I am here to tell you how to live your lives...
The Australian, April 10, 2007
"A brilliant piece of writing" - Alan Jones, Channel 9
Today programme

Tofu terror added to reasons to be fearful
Experts make a good living by constantly inventing new health scares. But this only works because we have become so fearful of taking responsibility for our own lives and decisions.
The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 January 2007

Pokie principle a winner
Australia accounts for 20% of the world's entire stock of fruit machines (known in Oz as 'pokies'). Punters spend hours shovelling money in, and occasionally getting some back. They relate to the government in much the same way.
The Australian, 9 May 2006

Learning lessons from the Cinderella Man
The movie 'Cinderella Man' tells the true story of boxer, James Braddock , who reluctantly drew dole in the Great Depression, and then queued to pay the money back when he won his next fight. Are there any lessons for welfare today?
The Melbourne Age, 2 November, 2005

Why intelligence must vary with class but not with race
Many commentators are repelled by research claiming to find a link between race and intelligence, but this has blinded them to the link that must exist between class and intelligence. Classes are recruited largely on talent. Bright black kids don't become white, but bright working class kids do become middle class.
The Independent, 25 October 1994

Full listing of newspaper articles in date order

001: Why university academics are not underpaid, The Independent, 11 October 1990
002: Why intelligence must vary with class but not with race,
The Independent, 25 October 1994
003: All things being equal, what's fair? The Australian 17 March 1999
004: We're all married now Weekend Australian 13-14 November 1999
005: Loosening the nuclear ties Weekend Australian 5-6 August 2000
006: Threshold issues for a tax system that creates jobs, Australian Financial Review 30 November 2001
007: A clumsy hand is no help, The Australian, 6 December 2001
008: The great drink-drive scandal, Melbourne Age, 13 December 2001
009: For richer, for poorer, The Australian, 16 January 2002
010: Time to care for ourselves, New Zealand Herald, 26 March 2002
011: Painting by numbers, The Australian 4 June 2002
012: Just give us the figures, we can add, The Australian 19 June 2002
013: A civil tongue is still crucial in politics, Canberra Times, 10 October 2002
014: The poor are not poorer in fact, The Melbourne Age, 26 October 2002
015: Poverty: Flawed figures, gloomy estimates, The Adelaide Advertiser, 22 November 2002
016: Tax is the key to welfare reform, Australian Financial Review, 20 January 2003
017: There's no conspiracy about poverty, The Melbourne Age, 14 May 2003
018: Welfare for parents increases risk of poverty, Australian Financial Review, 18 June 2003
019: High earners count cost of tax, Australian Financial Review, 2 June 2004
020: Housing wealth holds the key to closing money gap, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 July 2004
021: Ramshackle propaganda exercise ignores reality, Australian Financial Review 13 July 2004
022: High time to start on the welfare cure, The Australian Financial Review, 3 August 2004
023: Lessons from welfare reform in US, Newcastle Herald, 4 August 2004
024: Lies and statistics, Australian Financial Review, 28 August 2004
025: Two cheers for Labor's welfare reform, The Australian, 10 September 2004
026: Howard's obscene spending spree, The Australian, 29 September 2004
027: Fine time for a tax and welfare overhaul Australian Financial Review, 26 October 2004
028: Loss of categories won't help welfare, The Australian, 27 December 2004
029: A fine idea but it could be unfair, Sydney Morning Herald, 19 January 2005
030: We must cut taxes for rich and poor, The Australian, 8 February 2005
031: Welfare shake-up is long overdue, The Australian, 24 February 2005
032: How increased self-reliance will result in a lower burden Canberra Times, 8 April 2005
033: Time we ran our own lives, Herald Sun, 9 May 2005
034: A fair way to reduce dependence on welfare Australian Financial Review, 12 May 2005
035: The wrong kind of tax cuts, Australian Financial Review, 11 June 2005
036: No substance to Vinnies' alarmism' The Australian 11 June 2005
037: Taxing time when we rely on welfare state, Newcastle Herald, 15 July 2005
038: System not in the finest health, Australian Financial Review, 22 September 2005
039: One rule for all single parents, The Australian, 3 October 2005
040: Learning lessons from the Cinderella Man, The Melbourne Age, 2 November, 2005
041: Self-help beats handout state, The Australian, 6 December 2005
042: Future funds for everyone, The Australian, 2 January 2006
043: Tax overhaul long overdue, The Australian, 20 January 2006
044: Don't blame Howard for loss of civility, The Australian, 3 February 2006
045: Strong case for tax cuts, Brisbane Courier Mail, 28 February 2006
046: Scrap childcare concessions, cut taxes instead, Melbourne Age, 15 March 2006
047: When is a welfare payment not a welfare payment? Australian Financial Review, 13 April 2006
048: Treasurer has us on a longer leash, The Australian, 25 April 2006
049: Fiddle diddle no more, tax needs an overhaul, Australian Financial Review, 28 April 2006
050: Pokie principle a winner, The Australian, 9 May 2006
051: Structural problems unresolved, Australian Financial Review, 11 May 2006
052: For decision on childcare, mum's (or dad's) the word Canberra Times 1 June 2006
053: Pollies teach us to pick our own pockets' Melbourne Age, 2 June 2006
054: Growth of Labor support: It's academic, The Australian, 17 June 2006
055: Rise of the opinionators The Australian 17 June 2006
056: Charities must support rules, The Australian, 28 August 2006
057: Just one value will do fine: Live and let live, Newcastle Herald, 20 September 2006
058: Tough love for the jobless, The Australian, 26 October 2006
059: Brough's welfare plan on right track Canberra Times, 4 December 2006
060: Tofu terror added to reasons to be fearful, The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 January 2007
061: Stop the churning to extend benefits, The Australian, 30 January 2007
062: Paying idle parents is bad for our kids, The Australian, 20 February 2007
063: Get a job, mum The Geelong Advertiser, 21 March 2007
064: People should be able to opt out of welfare entitlements, Dominion Post, 28 March 2007
065: Sit in the corner while we rob you, The Australian, 10 April 2007
066: We don't need a nanny The Australian 14 April 2007
067: No real value in tax changes, Courier Mail, 10 May 2007
068: None of the Treasurer's budget handouts make any economic sense, The Australian, 10 May 2007
069: Conditional welfare makes sense, The Australian, 3 July 2007
070: Tax circle good for noone, The Australian, 10 July 2007
071: Elitism should not be a dirty word, The Australian 13 August 2007
072: We are evolving into an over-regulated dumbed-down place, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 August 2007
073: Poor way to detect poverty, Australian Financial Review, 5 September 2007
074: Pokie in the eye for paternalism Sydney Morning Herald 22 September 2007
075: The welfare lobby is at it again, The Australian, 29 October 2007
076: Forget philosophy, have some money, Crikey, 15 November 2007
077: Taxation by stealth must top reform list The Australian, 4 December 2007
078: Not everyone benefits from more education, Newcastle Herald, 7 December 2007
079: Training the unemployed doesn't help them get jobs, The Australian, 8 December 2007
080: Let's sing capitalism's praises, Sydney Morning Herald, 20 December 2007
081: Raising the school leaving age is not a cure-all, Newcastle Herald, 1 February 2008
082: Saving the long-term jobless, Weekend Australian, 16 February 2008
083: Cut the minimum wage to expand low skilled employment, Australian Financial Review, 18 February 2008
084: DVD on sexual manners shows society is in trouble The West Australian, 29 February 2008
085: Would you be happy asking friends for $512.66 every week? The Australian 19 March 2008
086: The Future Fund: Why they can't just give it back Crikey 15 May 2008
087: Means testing doesn't solve the problems Australian Financial Review 15 May 2008
088: Rudd's blunder to dismantle work for the dole, The Australian, 12 June 2008
089: Cut wages and create jobs, Geelong Advertiser, 18 June 2008
090: The EU's disdain for voters, The Australian, 16 July 2008
091: Back to work in Brown's Britain, The Australian, 26 July 2008
092: Blighty style re-education, Weekend Australian, 16 August 2008
093: Price of money for nothing, The Australian 13 December 2008
094: Living off the public teat, Sydney Morning Herald, 21 February 2009
095: Britain needs a new Thatcher but everyone in denial, The Australian, 29 April 2010
096: Busting the myth of our rigid classes, from The Sunday Times 6 June 2010
097: The Spirit Level is bad social science, The Guardian 26 August 2010
098: Britons brace for age of austerity, The Australian, 8 October 2010
099: For the poor a job must pay better than handouts, The Australian, 14 December 2010
100: It's a mistake to force universities to admit poorer students on lower grades, The Daily Telegraph 9 February 2011
101: Featured guest: Does the global elite serve the masses? Economist online debate 10 February 2011
102: Those who can work must not be paid to sit at home The Australian 1 July 2011
103: Brits recoil from teaching respect for authority at home or school The Australian 15 August 2011
104: Prophecies of an egalitarian Utopia based on false assumptions The Australian 9 September 2011
105: University access (letter) The Daily Telegraph 24 May 2012
106: Swan sruck in tired groove Australian Financial Review 2 August 2012
107: Lest we forget the moral principle of fairness Weekend Australian 18 August 2012
108: Diary Australia The Spectator 1 September 2012
109: The real solution to poverty The Punch 29 October 2012
110: Positive social mobility (letter) The Sunday Times 4 November 2012
111: Mobility Tsar's impoverished thinking (letter) The Sunday Times 30 June 2013
112: IQ and social mobility (letter) The Spectator 3 August 2013
113: Upward mobility (letter) The Times 23 October 2013
114: Lessons for Australia from UK welfare reform Weekend Australian 7 June 2014 (or here)
115: Rising to the challenge (letter) The Sunday Times 7 February 2016
116: To claim that top jobs are being handed out through an old boys' network is preposterous Daily Telegraph comment 31 May 2016
117: Positive discrimination for grammar schools destroys meritocracy (Letter) The Times 13 March 2017

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