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Peter Saunders

Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Sussex

Distinguished Fellow, Centre for Independent Studies

Professorial Research Fellow, Civitas

Independent Author

Peter Saunders...

"Brash, brilliant and cannot be ignored" Times Higher Education Supplement

"That rare beast, a sensible sociologist" Max Hastings, Daily Mail

"Absolutely second-to-none" LBC Radio

"The antithesis of an Ivory Tower intellectual" ABC National Radio, Australia

"Ideas wrecker" The Guardian

Latest Publication:

Interesting Times: Growing Old in a New Millennium

In this final part of the Croydon Boy trilogy, Peter Saunders brings a lifetime's immersion in sociology to bear on the question: How do the hell do you survive creeping old age in a world that has gone completely potty?

More details here

Biographical Note

Born Croydon, 1950


Selhurst Grammar School for Boys, Croydon (1961-68)

University of Kent 1968-71.  BA in Sociology 1971

Chelsea College London 1971-73.  PhD in Sociology 1975


Research Officer, Dept of Sociology, University of Essex (1973-76)

Lecturer in Sociology, University of Sussex (1976-84)

Reader in Sociology & Urban Studies, University of Sussex (1984-88)

Professor of Sociology, University of Sussex (1988-2001)


Dept of Environmental Planning, University of Melbourne (1981)

Urban Research Unit, Australian National University (1982)

Dept of Sociology, University of Canterbury, New Zealand (1982)

ZWE (Arbeit und Region), Universitaet Bremen, Germany (1992)

Dept of Sociology, Brown University, USA (1996)


Research Manager, Australian Institute of Family Studies (1999-2000)

Director of Social Research, Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney (2001-2008)

Freelance researcher and independent author since 2008


"I Used To Be A Sociologist But I'm Alright Now"

Interview on Australia's ABC National Counterpoint programme, with Michael Duffy and Paul Comrie-Thomson.

The interview, conducted just before I left Australia to return to England in June 2008, discusses my work and career, and my reflections on sociology and politics.

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