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Works of Fiction

"Frankly - you bastard.  I had a 4000 word speech to write plus my usual journo stuff and thus was fucked for time.  So thank you for sending me a book I could not put down and read cover-to-cover across two and a half days.  Very, very good novel indeed... Terrific achievement... hugely enjoyed."

Rod Liddle (Sunday Times and Spectator columnist) writing about The Sweetest Girl

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The Sweetest Girl

Jason Wall was fleetingly famous in the sixties as lead singer with Jason and the Argonauts whose hit single, The Sweetest Girl, got to number 6 in the charts.

Fifty years later, Jason is a successful businessman and peer of the realm.  But returning with his wife Dawn from a winter holiday in the sun, he is arrested at Heathrow on charges of historic sex abuse.

Just before his trial is due to begin, Dawn finds Jason drowned in his bathtub.  The coroner says it was an accident, but Dawn thinks it's suspicious and enlists her step-daughter Amy to help her investigate further.

Paperback (240pp) £7.99

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"Very, very good novel indeed.  A terrific achievement"  Rod Liddle

Versailles Memorandum cover.jpeg

The Versailles Memorandum

The year is 2046.  In the United States of Europe, four cities are simultaneously attacked with dirty bombs. 

In the East London Special Islamic Zone, Aisha Sharizi is on the run from the religious police after having an affair with a kuffar boy. 


In Australia, the body of a former UK cabinet minister is fished out of Sydney harbour.


And at a run-down provincial university in the south of England, historian Harry Davidson has just stumbled on a secret that the security services on both sides of the Atlantic are desperate to protect.


Paperback (245pp) £7.99


Purchase from or through Amazon 

Amazon readers' reviews:


I really enjoyed the book and consumed it very quickly- I was hooked! 


The book has a tight, powerful plot, a compelling tale... the parable at the heart of this book is too painfully close to the truth to ignore.

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